Branching out. Recognising opportunities. Ever watchful of changing demands.

Midland Group is an organization operating within diverse vertical markets. Our success hinges not only on our versatility and agility in response to changing market conditions, but the fact that we have been able to develop into true market leaders in each of our specialist fields. This evolution has been driven by our clear vision and the mission we live by. [Vision & Mission statement]

How it all started

In 1937 in Kakamega, Kenya, Midland Emporium Ltd was formed out of interests in the distribution of imported commodities to small and medium wholesalers, retailers and small rural trading stores. Boosted by an encouraging early performance, the company diversified its merchandise offerings and expanded into Uganda. By the early 1990’s a strong presence had been established throughout the East African belt.
Around the same time, as the company’s client base grew, a need to transport these commodities in increasingly great volumes from Kenya into Uganda, Tanzania and beyond, became clear. As Midland Emporium Ltd’s own fleet increased, so did its capacity to provide a reliable transport and logistics service to other clients. And so Midland Hauliers was born.

Intrepid ventures into new territory

Into the 90’s as the Ugandan economy began to boom, further opportunities presented themselves and a range of companies with distinct interests were introduced to the Group’s portfolio.
Catering to burgeoning foreign trade relations, Midland Forex Bureau was established in 1997. This was soon followed by the acquisition of a flower farm which was nurtured to become the successful export entity now known as Venus Farms Ltd, in 1998. Not long after, the country’s largest international school, Rainbow International School, was added under the Group umbrella.
By then it had become clear that the Group was capable of operating a variety of businesses that were all extremely competitive in their relative fields.

An established international player

Yet another gap in the market was identified and MiDCOM, a Rwanda-based distributor of Nokia mobile phones and accessories, was set in motion. The company has experienced exponential growth and is now among Nokia’s leading distributors in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.