Fast, efficient and reliable at your service

Midland Hauliers Limited provides dependable transportation services throughout eastern and central Africa. Drawing on the experience of our mother company, Midland Emporium Limited, a regional player of over 30 years in the industry, the company’s fleet has grown from a small number of trucks into a successful operation of over 130 vehicles over a period of 10 years. Midland Hauliers caters to the holistic logistics needs across East Africa

Part of our success relies on our agility in the face of the constantly changing requirements of today’s markets. We understand that the demands facing your business are rapidly evolving. By leveraging the latest technological developments and remaining flexible, we are able to meet these demands whilst continually enhancing our service delivery.

In pursuit of excellence

We constantly strive for the satisfaction of our clients by attaining and exceeding the highest market standards and best practices. Each of our trucks and trailers is compliant with the regional legal requirements.

Our fleet is licensed and insured to travel throughout the COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa) region countries and we have secured the requisite passes for all regional ports.

A superior fleet

We have a modern fleet of over 60 DAF, Nissan Diesel and Renault trucks as well as 60 trailers with a carrying capacity of 26 to 50 tonnes each. Each truck is selected for its reliability, durability and outstanding safety features.

Safety and security first

In the event of breakdowns, we have reliable 24 hour mechanical assistance throughout the region. Our processes cover thorough documentation and loading assistance, ensuring the retention of all goods. Each trailer is equipped with tarpaulins, chains, nets and rope for extra load security and protection. In addition, a safety programme has been conscientiously implemented in all areas of truck surveillance and tracking, including regular safety drills and training sessions for our employees.

With us, you are always covered

At Midland Hauliers Limited, we protect our customers and the public with a range of extensive insurance options. Contact one of our representatives for details about our various packages.

Our commitment to our staff

We see human capital as the single most important asset to the company and undertake responsibility for the welfare and personal growth of our employees. Midland Hauliers Limited provides a safe and satisfying work place and equal opportunities for our employees, who are thoroughly trained, qualified and accountable.

Midland Forex
EstablishedMay, 2001
FleetOver 130 DAF, Nissan Diesel and Renault trucks
Countries CoveredKenya, Uganda, Tanzania & Rwanda