The MiDCOM group is proud to be the sponsor of the 2014-2015 season of the President’s T20 Cup commencing on September 26th 2014. MiDCOM as an organization has always been committed to the growth and development of sporting talent in the MEA region. Cricket is a sport that is close the hearts of millions of fans. In collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Cricket Council (ADCC), MiDCOM group has reaffirmed its commitment to encourage the development of cricketing talent across the UAE. The President’s cup T20 extravaganza is a 12 week tournament comprising of 32 competing teams divided into 8 groups. Some of Abu Dhabi’s top cricketing clubs are scheduled to compete in this annual event where the winner takes it all! Be there to cheer your favorite teams this season. Watch and enjoy as the defending champions Lions CC take on arch rivals such as Al Fara’a, Royal Gymkhana, Etihad Airport club and many others.
The MiDCOM group is delighted to be associated with such a prestigious tournament that aims to nurture the hidden cricketing talent of the participants. We wish the participating teams all the success and look forward to the games being played in the best “spirit of the game”. May the Best team win!

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