Pearl Dairy strives to consistently provide world class products to its consumers and also to be part of the movement to constantly improve the global dairy industry. As part of this effort, Pearl Dairy attended the World Dairy Summit – 2013 in Yokohama Japan to be part of the dialogue between industry leaders and policy makers.

The IDF National Committee of Japan hosted the IDF World Dairy Summit in Yokohama from 28 October to 1 November 2013. The event was organized by Japanese National Committee of International Dairy Federation (JIDF) under the theme of “Rediscovering Milk”. Pearl Dairy participated in the event and discussed ideas which will help in resolving major issues pertaining to the global dairy sector. It also contributed with its insight on the future development of the global dairy sector, particularly on how stakeholders should communicate with policy makers, consumers and society, and in which direction dairy research and development should progress. IDF showcased the contribution global dairy sector has made by reducing the impact on natural resources while contributing significantly to dietary quality and nutrient adequacy around the world.

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